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Welcome to Viva La Coach

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3 Tips For Hitting new York Times Bestseller List

      As a book publisher, one of the very first questions I’m usually asked is, “Can you help make my book into a bestseller?” Authors and publishers are always trying to get into the bestseller lists. To stay ahead in the game some authors pay...

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3 Reasons To Write a Bestselling Book!

There’s a big difference between being an author and being a bestselling author. Being able to call yourself a bestseller dramatically increases your credibility. To become a bestseller, you must appear on a bestseller list. Of course, The New York Times is one of the...

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How an unwanted break from work helped my Business?

As a solopreneur we constantly carry the weight of our companies and rarely take a break. Most of the time we are so  hung up in the daily struggles of building the business, answering the calls, serving our clients, responding to emails, handling social media and...

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I choose Happiness

If I get that car, I will be happy If I get that job, I will be happy If I get married to him/her, I will be happy The day I own my dream house, I will be happy Does this sound familiar? Most of us relate happiness to external things and in this “pursuit of happiness”...

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The New Huffington Post Contributor Platform

I recently got an invitation to be a contributor for the Huffington Post. I was obviously overly excited and immediately signed up to be a contributor. In the past you would have to pitch your blog idea and a sample article to one of the editors and wait for them to...

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Turning Down a Potential Client

Running a business and finding new clients is a big challenge in itself. So when a solo business owner finds a new client, they go above and beyond to keep the client satisfied and happy. It is not easy to say “NO” to a potential client. I remember when I was new to...

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About Parul

Hi there!

parul-wellness-coaching-kristen-carter-photography-web_2From being a stay at home Mom to an international Bestselling Author, Self Publishing Expert & Spotlight Coach for Coaches, I build my business one post and one email at a time. I started small and created my brand ORGANICALLY, without any BIG advertising BUDGET.

I tried, I failed, I got up, I tried again and created a system that allowed me to enjoy the simple pleasures of life while working on a business that I am truly passionate about. Now my mission is to empower coaches just like you gain the confidence to build their business, shine in their industry and create an impact in the World without breaking their budget.

If you are tired of six figure coaches, instant millionaires or gurus and are looking for someone who walks the walk with you, you have found your friend and ally! I have the technical brain of an Engineer and patience of a Mom and it is my goal to help coaches like you launch and scale their business to new heights. I did the research for you so you could spend less time in figuring things out and more time in building your empire.

I will show you the exact step by step strategies I use to publish bestselling books on Amazon, be guest blogger for major publications like The Huffington Post, land media interviews without spending a penny, create a platform and build a thriving business.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your SPOTLIGHT journey together!!!

With Love,