There’s a big difference between being an author and being a bestselling author. Being able to call yourself a bestseller dramatically increases your credibility.

To become a bestseller, you must appear on a bestseller list. Of course, The New York Times is one of the most famous of these lists, but there are many others, including: ABA IndieBound (ABA), The New York Times (NYT), Barnes & Noble (BAN), Publishers Weekly (PBW), The Boston Globe (BOG), USA Today (USA), The Denver Post (DPO), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), The Los Angeles Times (LAT), (WAL),, and

While it is wonderful and prestigious to be called a New York Times bestselling author, authors on other bestselling lists such as Amazon are equally well respected. The most important thing is to write the book and make it a bestseller.

Here’s why?

It makes you an EXPERT:

In order to write a book, especially a non-fiction book, you have to know a lot about your topic. You do tons of research on your subject matter which actually puts you as an expert. Once you’ve written a book and made it a bestseller, people assume you know a ton about that particular topic. It makes you more valuable. As soon as you have a bestselling book in your name, someone is more likely to hire you, pay you more and maybe even love you more.

A book is the best BUSINESS CARD:

“Author mean Authority”, says Shawn Chhabra, author of multiple bestselling books. A small business card is more likely to end up in the trash can. However, a book stays on the shelf and reminds people about you, the author, every time someone looks at their book shelf. “A book is the best business card you can hand to people, especially influencers in your area of work, “says Shawn.

It attracts MEDIA:

Writing a book means hard work, determination and dedication. Hence, having a book is one of the most valuable assets to get more attention. There’s no easier way to get media publicity, write for popular blogs or appear as a guest on podcasts than to write a book.

We have all benefited by reading a book written by a stranger. Writing your on masterpiece is your chance to make a profound difference in someone else’s life. You will be able to share your message with the WORLD and this will be more effective if you have a bestselling book.