One of the biggest and best aspects of my business is offering workshops. I love interacting with audience in a live setting, answering their questions and brain storming new ideas. No matter how many workshops I offer, I
always wonder if I am engaging with my audience properly and if I am providing value to them. So this month when I got an opportunity to share a little snippet from my workshops with my business coach from the Abundance Cubed
Coaching Program
I was overly excited to get some feedback on my style.

Here are some golden nuggets that I learned in the past few weeks.

1.       Share your story:

Learning the art of storytelling is important not only in fiction writing but also in offering quality workshops. No
matter how good or technical the presentation, audience will not remember it
unless they are able to relate it to a story. Telling a story with highs and
lows to illustrate the key points will resonate way better than sharing stats.

2.       Come out of the teaching mentality:

This was a real eye opener for me. Before I ventured into the field of Holistic Wellness, I was working as an engineer
presenting mostly technical papers. I was also working as a Physics Teaching Assistant at the University and hence all I knew was how to teach a subject in a particular format.

But my current field is different and I am engaging with families or professionals who attend my workshops after long day
of work and might be tired, hungry or sitting through the workshop to please their better halves. Hence, a major part of my job is to help them stay awake and make sure they are paying attention and getting back their money’s worth.
To successfully achieve this I need to interact with them and give them every opportunity to talk rather than my talking all the time. Planning an interactive opening using questions, asking for a show of hands, etc. Asking participants to introduce
themselves, giving them sufficient time to ask questions and getting them involved in hands on activities are some strategies that will hopefully keep them interested throughout the workshop.

3.       Knowing their pain point and then providing them a solution:

An effective presenter is one who understands the problem of the attendees and then provides a solution to that
problem. I can learn more about the pain point of my audience by asking questions in a non-threating, calm, composed tone and environment. Once I am aware of the problem, I will be able to steer the presentation in a direction
that offers answers/solutions to the issue. This way I will be able to be of service to the participants without being too preachy or pushy.

 4.       Keep it short

One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged is not overloading them with information. Going  too long will simply shut the brain and people will stop listening. Giving attendees a chance to get up, walk around and having a stack of brain foods like nuts, fruits, juices they could enjoy during workshops should also facilitate learning.

Finally, I need to engage myself, find my motivation and excitement before the workshop. This is of vital importance because if I am not motivated then I will transfer this energy to my audience. The success of my workshop is in my hands if I plan and prepare well.

I will be using my learning in my next workshop and keep you updated as well. Stay Tuned for this space.