Originally from India, I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, to start my own family after having a big fat Indian wedding. New country, new culture, new food, new education system, I wanted to explore it all.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from India, my first obvious step was to pursue my studies in a country that has one of the best higher education standards the world has to offer.

I got this golden opportunity to graduate with two masters’ degrees, first in Electronics System Engineering Technology and then in Material Science Engineering from Arizona State University. Working really hard and partying even harder, I never really cared about what I was eating, or for that matter feeding my body. 

My faulty eating habits took a toll on my health and before I even realized it, I weighed 154 pounds, and at barely five feet tall, I had a Body Mass Indicator of 30.1.

It was time for a serious change…

From Junk Food Junkie to Juicer

During my pursuit to find the best possible solution for my health, I pursued a number of Holistic Health courses and came across the wonderful world of green juicing.

Initially, I was appalled at the idea of drinking a glass of liquefied greens in the form of a juice. But I tweaked my recipes (that’s the part I love most about Juicing) to my taste buds and fell in love with this Nutritional powerhouse in a glass.

Thanks to juicing, I lost all the excess weight I had put on in the last few years; I gained back my energy and my youthfulness. I was a “new me” and I was ready to make even more changes in my life.

Now it was time to take a serious look at my career choices and find what I was truly passionate about…

From Mommy to Mompreneur

I wanted to share my love and knowledge of nutrition with others while staying present at every moment in my son’s life. This led me to start a business that would help others learn about Healthy Living as well as help me support my growing family financially while staying home when needed. I started small by giving workshops and free seminars at local recreational centers. One step at a time; using the right strategies I created my platform, grew my audience, built my following and ended up getting high paying clients and paid speaking opportunities.

To share my message with a Global audience I wrote my first book ‘Juicing For Healthier Families”. I spent days and a countless number of nights finishing it. But, reality struck once I was ready to launch the book. I realized that writing a book and marketing it are two completely different things.

At that point in time, I started learning everything about the wonderful world of book marketing and making a book a Bestseller on Amazon. With a small email list of 200 people and very limited marketing budget, I ended up being an International Bestselling Author on Amazon, got my book launched in stores all across India, landed up in major publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and was invited as a guest on ABC TV Channel.

But I’m not perfect. I made many mistakes and spent money on unnecessary coaches and clients during the initial phases of starting my company (sound familiar?).  I learnt from my mistakes and realized that business building doesn’t mean you have to go broke. Today, I have had the honor of facilitating the dreams of many Authors become Bestselling Authors and helping many clients launch and scale their businesses.

“Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.” ~Dalai Lama (1357 – 1419 high lama of Tibetan Buddhism)


This is especially true for those of us who want to change the world. As your coach I will help you:


Discover YOUR road to success


Define your book publishing or business goals


Create a plan of action that will help you achieve the results you desire

Share your dreams with me and allow me to help you fulfill your business goals without breaking your bank!

“One post, one article, one video and one email at a time is more powerful than spending a fortune to scale your business.” ~Parul Agrawal

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