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Parul Agrawal

“By juicing, we reclaim our health, reclaim our bodies, and ultimately reclaim our Planet. By resetting our relationship with food, we begin the process of re-establishing our connection with nature. Are you hungry for that change? Parul’s Juicing for Healthier Families is a great place to start.”
~ Evita Ramparte, Author, Health Journalist, One of the stars of the documentary “Hungry for Change”

“Parul Agrawal has written the ultimate juicing guide for busy families. It’s loaded with simple recipes bound to be a hit with kids (and their parents!) and combines the best of both Eastern and Western healing philosophies.If you are looking for tips to squeeze more health into a hectic schedule, look no further than Juicing for Healthier Families.”
~ Miriam Zacharias, MS, LPSN, Author of The PEACE Process

“When I think of juicing, I think about Parul. Her book Juicing For Healthier Families is simple to understand yet backed with scientific as well as nutritional information about fruits and vegetables. The tips, motivational quotes and not to mention the delicious juice and smoothie recipes presented in this book will make you and your kids fall in love with your greens. Whether you are a newbie, a pro-juicer or just wanting to add variety to your diet, this book is for you.”
~ Shawn Chhabra, Holistic Health Advocate, Author, Podcaster

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