Finding someone who could guide us, mentor us and help us navigate our life and career path is crucial to success. When we are little kids we find mentors in our parents, teachers and sports coaches. But as we grow older we somehow forget the importance of having a mentor. So last week when my business coach from the Abundance Cubed Coaching program asked us to find a mentor, I was confused and full of questions:

How to find a mentor?

What should be the qualities of a good mentor?

Why should anyone be ready or willing to mentor me?

And most importantly do I really need a mentor?

I am still finding my answers but in my humble opinion a “Mentor”

focuses on the person (or the mentee), their professional, personal or spiritual growth.

Mentors are facilitators and teachers allowing the mentee to discover their own direction. A mentor is someone who is more experienced or more knowledgeable person guiding someone with less experience or knowledge in a particular area.

Sheryl Sandberg in her book Lean In suggests that asking for mentoring from strangers is pointless. Instead, start with people you already know and admire. People who are a level or two ahead of you, who inspire you to be like them and who are already doing what you envision doing in the future would be your ideal mentor. A mentor and mentee relationship should be based on mutual liking, trust and belief. They need to like you as much as you like them. The mentor needs to believe in your goals and the fact that you’ll put to great use their time, input and feedback.

In my quest of finding the right mentors I realized that if I go from a place of humility, a place of learning and politely ask for help from my potential mentors then they are as excited as me to be a part of my journey and growth.

I might know a lot but  am no way perfect. There is a whole lot of learning and a long way to go but I am confident that my business, life and spiritual mentors will help me new heights in my professional and personal life.

I am also reading Seek to Keep by our coach Noam Kostucki and learning more about mentors and keeping them for life. Will update on these learnings in my future blogs.