As a solopreneur we constantly carry the weight of our companies and rarely take a break. Most of the time we are so  hung up in the daily struggles of building the business, answering the calls, serving our clients, responding to emails, handling social media and learning new technology that we forget the very reason we started business. My reason for starting my business was to do things that I loved doing, was passionate about and would do at my own pace and time. Overtime I got so busy in the daily grind of managing my business and family that I didn’t find time to reflect back on my business and prune out the parts that were not serving my purpose or were least enjoyable.

Fortunately, the last few weeks have helped me refine my values, challenge my beliefs, broaden my horizon and discover new passions. Reason- an unplanned move to a new (yet old) country, away from my current comfort zone. Any move brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. And I am moving almost 10,000 miles away so need to take care of a lots of things including packing more a decade’s household for a smooth transition.

This shift has allowed me to separate myself from my routine business while giving me an opportunity to focus on my next steps. Since, I am winding down most of my clients, local workshops and seminars, I have more time to focus on things that I was procrastinating for a long time. This break has unclogged my brain fog and I have a very clear direction of my business, brand and the services I plan to offer. Revamping my website has been on my list ever since I started the Abundance Cubed Coaching program, but I never had the enthusiasm to do so because I never had a vision for my website, my services or the courses I wanted to offer. My another big challenge was finding the time to write content for the site which resulted in me not taking a look at it.

This off time gave me an opportunity to write the copy for my home page, about me page and sales pitch for my offerings. I also organized my files on my computer, purged unwanted emails and created a document of all the accounts that I use for my business.

This much needed de-cluttering has liberated me and to my surprise has made me much more productive. I now have a better control of my system and rather than being a slave of my business, I am truly managing it and owning it.

The biggest lesson I learnt from this break is that I must take such breaks every quarter to better manage my life and business.