Last year when I was working on my manuscript; my whole
focus was on writing, editing, formatting, cover designing and content
creation. Once I was ready to launch the book, I realized that writing the book
was only the tip of the iceberg because marketing the book is an entirely
different ballgame. At that point of time I started contacting various radios
stations, TV channels and podcasts requesting an appearance on their show.

I was successful in securing various podcast interviews,
thanks to the amazing Podcasting Community for this. However, radio and TV
appearances were nowhere in the near horizon until last week when I had both a
TV and a radio show in the same week. I do not have a PR or promotion team or
contacts in the media working for me so essentially I did all my media
publicity myself without spending a penny. Yes, no dollars at all…

Producers, show hosts, anchors are always looking for new
story ideas. Hence, while writing to them it’s a great idea to sell the story
instead of selling yourself. The idea should be relevant to the show and to the
current scenario in your town/city or country. Coming from a place of service
and providing value to the show, it’s audience and to the community is

Since August is a really hot time in Arizona and most of the
kids start going back to school in this heat my story idea revolved around
“Back to School Nutrition For Kids”. In my email I spoke how I could help
Arizona parents by sharing my tips, techniques and yummy recipes that their children
would fall in love with. To prove my credibility and capability I pasted my
short bio and few pictures from kids’ workshops at the end of the pitch.

Here I share my learning from this experience:

  • If you need something, you need to take action. Calling,
    emailing, following on social media or sending a hand written letter are all
    great ways to make the connection.
  • Media people are people just like us. Most of the people I
    have met in my journey are very down to Earth, always willing to help. So don’t
    be scared to make the contact and ask for help.
  • I started envisioning myself in front of the camera, prepared my script and practiced my segment in front of the mirror even before I pitched the TV station. I started visualizing the day and the moment even before I took action. These visualization exercises gave me the strength to actually pitch my story and live upto the expectations I set for myself.
  • The biggest lesson for me was that it’s possible to get the media publicity without hiring a PR agent or spending all your fortune. No one can market you better than yourself. So
    instead of relying on someone else, go ahead and build your own dreams.

Now let’s get going and turn our dreams to reality!!!

Check out the segment on ABC Channel’s Sonoran Living Live here: