• If I get that car, I will be happy
  • If I get that job, I will be happy
  • If I get married to him/her, I will be happy
  • The day I own my dream house, I will be happy

Does this sound familiar? Most of us relate happiness to
external things and in this “pursuit of happiness” we keep chasing for things
that we think will give us pleasure. I say pleasure because in our culture happiness is synonymous to pleasure.

Happiness tends to be contingent upon
circumstances. It is a positive energizing thought that we create in our mind
when we see something, when we achieve something. We achieve the
object/objective, we get happy for a short while and then set another goal
saying I would be happy when I achieve that.

But what if we don’t
have that perfect job, house or car? Does it mean we do not have the right to be happy?

I believe Happiness

should have nothing to do with your goals, achievements or external factors. Being happy should be our daily decision and the power to be happy in every situation should lie within us.

In the last few months life has taken some unexpected turns for me. My original goals and projects have changed due to an upcoming global move. It’s difficult to go out of your comfort zone and start life afresh in a new town, among new people. There are so many ifs and buts; so many unanswered questions about the future that I can’t even envision at this point of time.

But instead of worrying about my future or living in the glories of the past, I have decided to live in the present moment and enjoy every minute of my current situation.                                                                                          

“Our past does not define us

Our future cannot confine us

Our present is where we design us.”

-Ally & Nkisi PiRo, Co-founders of Chosen Ally, LLC

My attitude about what happens in my life has far more of an impact on my happiness than the circumstances themselves. Even though life is not going as planned, I am happy, I am grateful and I am contended.

My original goals for third quarter of my Happiness Project were:

  • July: Reflect back on the year passed and improve
  • August: Being more active
  • September: Practice gratitude

I was fairly successful in staying true to my goals. The mid year reflection gave me an opportunity to take a deeper look at my business practices; to decide what worked and what did not and what direction I must work on for the next half of the year. I was fairly active and working regularly till August until I was recommended minimal activity by my midwife due to complications in my pregnancy. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage. It was surely a very difficult time for me but my undeterred faith and surrender to the divine power kept me strong and positive throughout this period. But past is past now and I am back to my regular exercise regime. The cooler weather in Arizona is also helping me stick to my routine.

I am truly grateful for all life has given me and for all the experiences that I have gone through in this life. Even though practicing gratitude and being more spiritual was my goal for September, I realized that I have been doing so for ages and this grateful attitude towards my friends, my family, my life and my GOD is what keeps me going in this mystery called life. In August, I also met my spiritual mentor who is now unraveling the World of esoteric sciences for me. The moment I met him, I knew this was a gift from God, a divine intervention waiting to happen. I am truly blessed and grateful to meet my Sensai.

Life is far from perfect, original goals are in upheaval, future is uncertain. But among all this Today, Tomorrow and Forever I choose “Happiness”.



P.S. Thanks to Ally and Nkisi Piro for giving me the permission to use their quote which is also at the back of G.T. Kombucha. You can find more about their company at http://chosenally.weebly.com.