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Asking for help

When I was new to business I was too scared and too proud to ask for help. I was under the impression that if I am working for myself, it essentially meant I had to do everything on my own. I always shied away from it because of: Fear of coming out as too weak Fear of...

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Finding a Mentor

Finding someone who could guide us, mentor us and help us navigate our life and career path is crucial to success. When we are little kids we find mentors in our parents, teachers and sports coaches. But as we grow older we somehow forget the importance of having a...

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How to be on TV without spending a penny?

Last year when I was working on my manuscript; my whole focus was on writing, editing, formatting, cover designing and content creation. Once I was ready to launch the book, I realized that writing the book was only the tip of the iceberg because marketing the book is...

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4 ways to effective workshops

One of the biggest and best aspects of my business is offering workshops. I love interacting with audience in a live setting, answering their questions and brain storming new ideas. No matter how many workshops I offer, I always wonder if I am engaging with my...

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EFT and Fever

  This has been a slow week for work. The first half of the week I was in air in what seemed like a never ending journey. Right after I reached my destination, I was taken over by a bug.  I worked extra hard during my travel trying to get my book in the Indian...

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What is Happiness?

Ever since I started working on my “Happiness Project”, I have been agonizing over the meaning of Happiness. The dictionary meaning of Happiness is “ the state of being happy”. In other words being satisfied, contended, joyful, in good spirits and at peace with our...

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About Parul

Hi There!

From being a stay at home Mom to an International Bestselling Author, Self Publishing Expert, Forbes Coaches Council Member and Leading Digital Media Marketing Expert,  I build my business one post and one email at a time. I started small and created my brand ORGANICALLY, without any BIG advertising BUDGET.Parul Agrawal

I tried, I failed, I got up, I tried again and created a system that allowed me to enjoy the simple pleasures of life while working on a business that I am truly passionate about.

Now my mission is to empower business leaders just like you gain the confidence to build their business, shine in their industry and create an impact in the World without breaking their budget.

If you are tired of six figure coaches, instant millionaires or gurus and are looking for someone who walks the walk with you, you have found your friend and ally! I have the technical brain of an Engineer and patience of a Mom and it is my goal to help coaches like you launch and scale their business to new heights. I did the research for you so you could spend less time in figuring things out and more time in building your empire.

I will show you the exact step by step strategies I use to publish bestselling books on Amazon, be guest blogger for major publications like The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Elite Daily, She Owns It to name a few, land media interviews without spending a penny, create a platform and build a thriving business.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your SPOTLIGHT journey together!!!

With Love,


Some of Parul’s Past Projects

100+ Moms One Journey

My latest project as a book compiler/publisher, “100+ Moms, One Journey“, a compilation of stories from more than 100 women from all around the world is very close to my heart.

Each shares her own story about the challenges and triumphs she’s faced as a mother or daughter. Some tell tales of the day their precious child was born and lessons they learned in their motherhood journey, while others weave stories about finding the perfect work -life balance to raise conscious children in this tech driven society.

No matter what kind of Mom you are… a stay at home mom, working mom, mompreneur, teenage mom, birth mom, adoptive mom, single mom, or grandmother…motherhood is an experience that ties us all together.

We may live in different corners of the world, have different value systems, cultures, or religious beliefs, but we all speak the same language – the language of Motherhood. Every mother has similar fears and challenges, and a beautiful desire to provide a loving and supportive environment for her children.

So join us on the laughter filled, tear-inducing journey full of endless twists and turns… called Motherhood.

Let these women warm your hearts with tender moments that makes up their experience of being a mother.


100+ Moms One Journey has received a Foreword by Mr. Frank Shankwitz, Creator and Founder of Make-a Wish Foundation.

Learn more about the project and meet the Authors here..